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Tips for making your own curtain or blind

The window has different sizes. When installing a curtain, make sure the size matches your window at home. the curtains will look nicer if hung high, therefore you need to measure how high the Roller Blinds will be installed.

You can choose a model of hanging curtains or curtains that fall to the floor. Do not forget to measure the width of the window because it also determines how much fabric is needed. At least the curtain fabric should be twice the width of the size of your window to look solid when hung and able to cover the window perfectly. Do not let the side of the window that can not be reached by the curtains.

Choosing the right fabric

When you have found the size to install the curtains, the curtain to make the next curtain is to choose a fabric that suits your size and desire. There are various types of fabrics available in fabric stores. Starting from a thick textured to thin or made of stiff to bending.

Fabric motifs can also be customized to your taste, either floral motifs, stripes or animal print. If the wall of your house using wallpaper, make sure the curtain motifs in harmony with wallpaper motifs at home. Also, do not get too many motifs raised from the curtains and wallpaper walls because it makes the room look too crowded and narrow. It would be better if the wall is plain given the curtain with the same motif vice versa.

Start the process of making curtains

Once the fabric with the motive and size you want to buy, the next stage is to start working on the fabric into a curtain. You will need ample space to spread the curtain. Do not forget to prepare the required equipment such as scissors, meter gauges, pencils, tape, and iron.

First of all, you need to divide the fabric into two equal parts. Then, fold about 3 centimeters across the entire fabric. Then set it all over the fold. Remember, before folded, you have to put the tape on all sides to be ironed. After ironing all sides neatly, pin a useful clip ring as a hanger.