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Tips for buying a processor from a used computer

Choosing / buying Processor let alone that processor traces cannot be done arbitrarily, due to to the processor is the most important component of a computer/laptop so if the processor that we use less good quality then it could be the computer will not run. There are some things you should note when buying a used processor and here are Tips to Buy a คอมมือสองราคาถูก Computer Processor:

  1. Look at the outside of the Processor

At the time you will buy a second processor, you must be observant in paying attention to the outer look of the processor, note also the pin – pin processor, check whether there is a broken, or bent, because as we know that the pin/socket processor is commonly used for plugging the processor into the motherboard.

  1. Customize Processor with Motherboard

The next thing you need to consider also when going to buy a used processor is, the processor must be in accordance with the motherboard means to support or pin / socket processor match with the motherboard you have. For example, the motherboard you use is a motherboard suitable for LGA 775 processor then you also have to find a processor with socket 775.

  1. Must Be Checked Directly

Buying Processor is actually not recommended online, because if you buy it online we will be able to check or see the processor directly, but actually even though many processors in the market are sold second, but the average sold is still good, because it is for processor problems rarely exposed to problems in terms of hardware.

But if you are curious to check, you can use the software, you can use PRIME95, Intelburntest, and others. Do not forget to be careful when doing the test because the temperature is quite burning, it is not recommended if the test using the software without any supervision and temperature monitor using the software.