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These Three Countries Still Have a Slow Internet Connection

As one thing that many needed by everyone. The Internet is a very important need for everyone. In fact, for people in remote areas, the internet is always needed in various conditions and situations. For this reason, internet pelosok is present to provide the best connection to the area.

Along with the development of the internet, unfortunately, there are still countries that do not get a good internet connection. Some of these countries are

1. Malaysia
As one of the emerging countries, bang in Southeast Asia, Malaysia ranks 10th as a country with the low-speed internet, which is about 3.2 megabytes per second.

2. Indonesia
The Internet has officially appeared in Indonesia since 1983. From that long period of time, Indonesia still has a low internet connection compared to other countries.

3. Kazakhstan
This country has been using the internet since 2001 and still has a slow connection until now. However, the country has increased their internet connection by 4.2 percent.