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The purpose and the timed target of your law firm’s marketing

When developing a marketing plan for your law firm, start from the question “why?” The question “why?” Intends to explore why you want to do marketing activities, what you expect after doing marketing activities and how it can be said that the goal has been achieved. This question lies behind all your marketing activities, so what you invest either in the form of money, time and energy will lead to achieving marketing objectives. In the meantime, you might need to check out the reliable SEO expert for lawyers as well.

The purpose of marketing between law firm can be different from each other. In this example, we will use the fictional law firm “Osda and Rekan” as an illustration.

In making a goal, it should be noted that the goal must have a SMART criterion. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. The following is an explanation of the SMART goal criteria:

Specific – Goals must be specific. Determine the number in your destination. When you set, “I want more website visitors”, that is not a specific goal. What is “more”? How do you measure your success later? It would be better if you set, “I want my website visitors to increase by 25%”.

Measurable – Make sure your goals are measurable. Do not use “expand influence on social media,” but use “increase reach (reach) in social media” or “increase the number of engagements in social media”.

Relevant – Your marketing goals should be based on the needs of the latest law firm and your budget marketing allocation. “Increase the number of lawyers by X” is not a relevant destination if your law firm is new and has no fixed client. In the early stages, it’s a good idea to “increase the number of clients by X%”. After a lot of inquiry comes in from your prospect through your website and conversion becomes a high client, then you start thinking of “increasing the number of lawyers”.

Time-bound – You must have a deadline to achieve that goal. If not, the goal is just a wishful thinking and we’re sure you do not want that to happen. Give it a clear time by calling a date, month or year. Avoid time like “someday”.