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How to Conduct Conditioning on Leather Bags

Woman LOVES the bag. You can visit our website to get the Best Leather Satchel. In stores that sell household items, you can find some type of conditioner or a genuine leather moisturizer for a bag or sofa. Here are the differences and functions of each type of moisturizer:

– Cream: Moisturizes the skin without much effect on the original color of the material as well as providing medium level protection against stains on the surface of the leather bag.

– Oil: Soften and maintain the original leather bag condition. Generally, this type of oil does not provide much protection against stains on the surface of the bag.

– Wax / Candle: Best for protection against liquids and stains and most potent increase the effect of patina on leather bags.

After knowing the different types of genuine skin moisturizer, make sure you also get a high-quality skin moisturizer. Not all skin moisturizing products on the market will give good results when used. In fact, not infrequently, the moisturizer is even damaging the appearance of your leather bag. Therefore, really pay attention to the quality and level of user satisfaction at the time of purchase. Skin moisturizing test at the end or corner of your genuine leather bag and see if there are too much drastic color changes. This you can do to ensure the moisturizing quality of the bag.

How to apply the correct skin moisturizer is to put a little of the material onto a soft cloth that is free of fiber and not directly on your leather bag. Rub gently. Make a circular motion thoroughly on the surface of the leather bag. Allow some time for absorption. Use a clean dry cloth for further evasion. Let the new leather bag in-condition be in the open space. This will allow the bags to dry completely for several hours before reuse.

Perform this treatment regularly, at least 3-4 times a year. If your leather bag is often used for outdoor activities that are often exposed to sunlight, do the conditioning at least once a month. In addition to conditioning, real leather bags do not require intricate care. However, of course, you also need to clean your leather bag periodically.