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Consult Before Plastic Surgery

Consultation is at the time of screening to find out if you are physically, psychologically and socially ready. Visit Website of our place to know more about it. The physician has the right to decide whether the patient is ready for surgery or not. Here are some questions you need to ask before undergoing plastic surgery.

– Does your habit affect operations?

Such as you have a habit of smoking, while the habit is proven to slow the healing period. So do not hide this when consulting.

– What would your face look like?

Do not let the result does not resemble the form you desire in the end. Ask your surgeon to show you an estimate later. But, do not have extreme expectations. God’s and people’s hands are different.

– Will the operation affect other physical forms?

After the operation, the altered physical shape will affect the other shapes. Such as, you want to nose the nose. Automatic change of nose bone will affect your smile. Before you regret, think of all the possibilities that can happen.