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Car battery maintenance tricks which aren’t known by many people

The key to car battery maintenance is to keep it in top condition. This includes several things from cleaning up to the installation of the battery itself. For more details, you can practice the following tips. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to visit garagemasterblog.com to check out a reliable guide for choosing car battery chargers.

Watch the numbers of Electrolyte in the Battery

Tips on this one are actually more specific for wet battery treatment. Since the performance of the wet battery is heavily dependent on the amount of electrolyte present in it, it is important to ensure the battery always has the appropriate amount of electrolyte. Check the battery electrolytes regularly or at least once a month. Make sure the amount of electrolyte fluid is not below the normal line. You can check it through the lower level line that is on the battery body. If the electrolyte fluid is below the line, this means that the battery must be added to the battery water.

The lack of electrolyte fluid will have an impact on the electrical needs of the car and will be felt when you want to turn on the car. If the car cannot be started, we can be sure the number of electrolytes in the battery is below standard.

Keep the Hygiene of its terminal

Car battery performance is not only identical to the battery itself. Other aspects associated with it also have a crucial role in ensuring the battery works properly. One of them is the battery terminal condition. Maybe this does look trivial. But you need to know, rusty battery terminal can disrupt the flow of electric current flowing from the battery. For that check the condition of the battery terminal routinely and clean of dirt and rusts that can interfere with battery performance.

Terminal conditions that have been loosened can also affect the overall battery performance. If so, you should tighten the battery terminal. But if the battery terminal cannot be tightened, it is time to replace it with a new battery.